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Tantra: The Science Of Self-Exploration

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We feel it is unfortunate that such a rich and complex tradition has been reduced to such a banal and simple stereotype. Simultaneously, we were drawn to Tantra due to the sexual aspects, and we are convinced that consciously exploring sexuality is a wealthy and meaningful path. It can function as a gateway into an event or way of becoming in the world which may be more truly described as Tantric. Hence, we desire to strike a balance between the rigorous and uncompromising view of the many contemporary scholars and traditionalists who dismiss ''New Age group'' Tantrism with scorn, and popularizers, who preach the gospel of Tantric Sex, yet have without any knowledge of its history and, furthermore, have not really been initiated into a traditional lineage.

It may be clear by now that Tantra is a confusing and even paradoxical subject, and knowing that, we offer the following, in hopes that it will provide you with some new means of thinking about the meaning of the word Tantra.

Tantra can be an ancient tradition that recognizes sexual energy seeing that a way to obtain personal and spiritual empowerment. This sets it aside from most Western traditions and helps clarify why most Westerners have reduced it to its sexual elements alone.

Tantra is the magic of transforming one's awareness and thereby transforming one's entire being. Your body is the most powerful tool for bringing about this transformation.

Tantra is a spiritual technology. Tantric techniques have been tested and also have proven effective for many centuries. If you practice diligently, you will knowledge results.

Tantra could be very simple. Everyone has already established Tantric experiences; it isn't always so easy to notice them.

In case you have virtually any concerns regarding in which as well as how you can make use of Jasmine Jae, you possibly can e mail us with the web-site. Tantra can be embraced in whole or partly. A few simple methods can often produce profound results.

Tantra is goalless, unless exploring and expanding awareness can be called a goal. Goal orientation is one of the biggest obstacles faced by the aspiring Tantrika; abandoning specific goals and focusing on what you are doing in as soon as, with as much awareness as you can muster, will be the keys to effective practice.

Tantra is a way of existence. The Tantric approach to exploring your own awareness is an ever-evolving process of discovery that emerges from daily practice.

Tantra can offer you with the means to deepen your feeling of link with yourself, to your partner, to all that's.

Tantra includes procedures, which, while often basic, can lead to the experience of extraordinary ecstasy.

Tantra is a technology of mind and body that will cause you to know yourself deeply.

Tantra is for folks of ''heroic'' temperament, already presumably healthy. Anyone interested in practicing Tantra should have done considerable work on him/herself before you begin on the road. Traditionally, this type of work frequently included many years of yogic research and practice; for Westerners, psychotherapy may be the best form of preparation for severe Tantric study, since it provides the student with many of the necessary tools for the self-exploration that is such a central part of Tantra. Our instructor, Dr. Jonn Mumford has written: ''In the West, we've a particular kind of Yoga called psychotherapy; it really is probably the most precious heritages that Western civilization has produced.'' He continues on to observe that a person with a significant interest in Yoga exercises must encounter psychotherapy. The same applies to Tantra, but we experience it is necessary not to blend the two, since the approaches are therefore radically different.
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